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Our partner Asian Micronics GmbH Asian Micronics GmbH CNC Lathes of type Fong and Chiah Chyun cnc Langdrehaschinen cnc Kurzdrehaschinen Bar Loader and accessories visit: www.asian-micronics.com [Gallery type = "grid" size = "small" ids = " 1759, 1760, 1761, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1765, 1766, 1767 "]

Repair of shafts, axles…. by Vintage cars

ICV GmbH Factory Route 27 78727 Oberndorf
Tel: 07423 8109980 Fax: 07423 8109988 Web: www.icv-beschichtung.de Mail: info@icv-beschichtung.de

[Gallery type = "grid" size = "Medium" ids = "1777, 1776, 1775, 1774, 1773"] Spraying methods and coatings during thermal spraying, the desired surface materials in the form of wire, rod or powder, depending on the application, can be melted in a burner using different processes and on the surface of the component Deposited. The surface is mostly roughed uped by rays in order to ensure that the melted particles are clamped on the surface. This creates a bonded layer. Depending on the material layer thicknesses > 2mm are possible. Component-specific covers can be used to partially coat functional surfaces. The adhesion strength on the edges is limited. Therefore, edges with a radius of 0, 7 mm should be rounded. Depending on the sprayed material, the surface can be grinded, rotated, lapped, polished, etc. Accurately be reworked.