Nipple soldering

Bowden Cable Nipple soldering in a jiffy

If you want to fasten the Bowden cable using a nipple on the machine part to be moved, you have two options: You can solder the Bowden cable nipple or screw it tight. For both variants there are corresponding nipples, which you can order at Arc Reuter GmbH Online.

A heart and a soul

A solder-attached nipple is permanently connected to the Bowdenzugseele and can thus absorb strong tightening forces without loosening. However, this also means that it cannot be exchanged easily: in case of doubt, the nipple and wire rope must be separated mechanically or by soldering. Before grabbing the soldering iron, consider some points:

  • is the corresponding wire solderable?
  • Was the soul carefully shortened?
  • Are the solder joints dirt-and grease-fat?
  • Is the solder thin enough?
  • Solder the piston with at least 100 watts?

How to solder a Bowden cable nipple

The wire rope is passed through the nipple and aufgezwirbelt at the other end to increase the soldering surface and thus the strength. Then solder the Bowden cable nipple by running solder from the rear end – so the moving areas of the rope remain clean. If a larger drop is formed at the front end, which completely encloses the wire strands, the nipple is properly soldered. If you have any further questions about this process, you can contact us at any time.

A soldered Bowden cable nipple offers you some advantages:

  • Professional Connection
  • Permanent Hold
  • Quickly Feasible
  • Great Solder Nipple Variety
  • Renewal of Old Cables Possible

Please be very careful!

If you have never worked with a soldering iron before, do not leave this work to an experienced mechanic. Regardless of whether you need the repaired Bowden cable for a brake or clutch circuit: You trust him your life! So do not solder Bowden cable nipples If you are not absolutely sure of your skills!


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