Oldtimer Repairs

One of our specialties is the production of Oldtimer Bowdenzügen, for this purpose we create a drawing based on your specifications and manufacture the Bowden cables with the most modern means of industrial technology.

You are welcome to send us a sketch or the old part. We are also looking forward to your visit in order to measure and adapt the Bowden cables directly to the suburbs.

The advantage over self-made Bowdenzügen is that with our possibilities high-quality materials as well as press, solder and zinc-die casting compounds can be produced.

The Bowden cables are supposed to ensure the necessary safety and function for their oldtimer for many years.

In our shop you also get prefabricated Bowden cables which you can cut and solder as required.

Also there are many items that need to be replaced. The instructions for soldering can be found in our Download Center free of charge as PDF

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Repair order for Bowden cable repairs
Please send us the completed order together with the defective Bowden cable. You can reach us by phone at Tel: 07423/8752573 (Mr. Reuter). We will be happy to discuss the required work with you in advance.

Picture gallery about the wide range of possible applications


Miele K 52 Bowden Cable

from old make new

Dekompressionszug of a Miele K52 from year 1960. The train was originally made with a grey shell. The connection parts have been soldered to the original construction time.

Cable a DKW Hummel 1959

from old make new

Cable of a DKW Hummel built in 1959 with manual switching. The adjustment instruments on the left and right of the transmission cable have been cleaned and re-greased and can be re-used.

Golf trolley Brake Cable

from old make new

Brake cable of a golf trolley, which was no longer available as a spare part after 3 years. We renew this original faithfully.