Bowden Cable Meter

Just order Bowden cable-meter online!

Since it should be adapted to the location of the site in length, it is not possible to buy a Bowden cable as a piece of equipment – but the central components in the form of the Bowdenzugseele and casing.

Do it yourself with Arc Reuter

Your specialist provider is the ARC Reuther GmbH in this area. We have been specializing in the measure of high quality Bowden cables for many years and offer our customers with a comprehensive assortment the possibility to manufacture the spare parts they are looking for. For this you need different components depending on the application area, but at least:

  • a wire rope
  • a Bowden cable outer
  • two ferrules
  • two transverse or longitudinal nipples

Bowden wire – meter for every application area

These and other items are delivered to you at a fair price. If you need wire rope and other Bowden cable, we offer different diameters and constructions according to individual requirements. If you are not sure which version is best suited for your purpose, simply contact us and get expert advice!

As a customer of Arc Reuter GmbH you will enjoy numerous advantages:

  • outers and souls as meter
  • fast delivery at top prices
  • quality spare parts from stock
  • bowden Cables for any purpose
  • professional advice

If spare parts are no longer available

Especially when it comes to repairing vintage cars, you often encounter damaged Bowden cables that are no longer available in the retail trade. In this case it is good if you can rely on a specialist such as Arc Reuter GmbH: We supply Bowden cable-meter and enable our customers to manufacture high-quality spare parts precisely.

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