That’s us! Our competent team for your wishes

ARC Reuter GmbH was founded in 1998 as a pure manufacturer of rope and Bowdenzügen, and over the years a state-of-the-art company specializing in special applications in the industry and vehicle construction sector. A vision of the founder was always to offer the customer the extraordinary and to put into practice. In 2013, ARC Reuter GmbH was created as a pure research and development laboratory for Bowden cable applications and tests.

We manufacture individual parts and prototypes for you and accompany this in series with your suppliers or our partner companies who support us here.

A hobby to the profession is the production of vintage Bowden cables. With our manufacturing capacities, we offer all friends of classic vehicles a perfect opportunity to guarantee their favourites the necessary safety for braking, actuating and gas Bowdenzügen.

For hobbyists and developers we have opened our shop 24 hours a day. All parts are always available.

Jochen Reuter
Management Technology
Tel: 07423 87525 73

Brigitte Reuter
Tel: 07423 87525 73