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Your online-shop for Bowden cable spare parts

In our shop you will find over 1200 Bowden cable spare parts, throttle cables. bowden wires, flexible releases and complete self-kits, with which you can easily carry out repairs yourself or even create new Bowden cables and throttle cables. Our product diversity also proves to be helpful for designers and product designers – especially in the prototyping and testing phase. We are constantly expanding our products, so it is worth checking in with us again and again.

Need to fix a Bowden control?

When you repair a classic car, you repeatedly encounter damaged parts that are no longer available in the shops. It is especially annoying if you have to repair a Bowden wire, because this is often custom for the respective model. Thanks to our extensive assortment, however, you have the possibility to manufacture suitable spare parts within a very short time.

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Bowden cable spare parts are our specialty

If you are looking for high-quality Bowden cable spare parts, ARC Reuter GmbH will always find you. A small selection of our stocks:

  • Screw and solder nipples
  • Cable sleeves and wire rope as meter
  • Adjusting screws
  • Deflecting Tubes
  • Distance and Ferrules
  • Bowden cable – complete sets.

Simply order the desired parts online, day and night, weekdays or weekends. Our shop is at your disposal around the clock. Ordered items will be shipped as soon as possible and usually reach you within a few days.

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Now it’s you’re turn!

If you have questions about specific articles or need help with the selection, just call us at +497423/87 52 573: Our experienced technicians will be happy to advise you. Take this opportunity and order all the Bowden wire, and throttle cable spare parts you need for your repair in one shot!  

Up to date online Shop

Our online shop! Here you can find all our current products at best prices.

Simply click here and you will find a wide variety of parts for your Bowden cable.

We ask all of our customers to use this new shop at New items are added in this shop on a regular basis.

Also in our shop all our articles are sorted according to simple categories and groups, so that you can easily and quickly find the right parts for your application.

In addition to spare parts and accessories for Bowden cables, we also offer complete Bowden cable sets, semi-finished cables or self-assembly kits.

Our shop offers you much more service, so it is equipped for example with a search function which allows you to search for part numbers or search terms.

Have fun in the new shop wishes you

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