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Bowden Cables for any purpose

The team of Arc Reuter GmbH is available to customers in all industrial sectors as Bowden cable manufacturers with more than 16 years of experience. We are intensively dealing with the design and prototyping of new models. Our products are used in machine and vehicle construction, agricultural and forestry technology as well as in the production of seating furniture.

We will be happy to show you excerpts from our production. You get a glimpse of how Bowden cables are made.

Business area: Production of Bowden Cables

We manufacture on high-quality machines and equipment Bowden cables of 1-100 PCs. As well as samples and prototypes. For this we accompany you from the first application idea to the production readiness. Years of experience, as well as the necessary modern technologies are the basis for an optimal design of your Bowden cables. Our development Center has many technologies: CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, punching, zinc die castinging, soldering stations, length measurement, load measurement, continuous test, 3d printer, CAD system.

Whether it is a regulating lever for the Bowden cable or a bellow that protects it on the motorcycle from damaging influences from the outside: we manufacture almost all parts ourselves so that we can react flexibly to your requirements.

We manufacture almost all parts ourselves so that we can react flexibly to your requirements.

Business area: Online shop for users and designers

In our online shop you will find a large selection of individual parts for the production of Bowden cables. From the eyelet stainless steel to the rope clamp made of galvanized steel we have all goods at the warehouse at all times so that you can start your assembly within a very short time. By the way, did you know? -In the Download Center you will find instructions on how to Bowden cables yourself, quality and quality. In the Download Center there are templates in which you can enter your measurements yourself, if there are no suitable parts in the shop. We will prepare them specifically for you.

Business area: Oldtimer Bowden Cables

We offer all friends of classic vehicles the possibility to repair their Bowden cables, to make new Bowden cables individually or also to supply prefabricated Bowden cables for further self-assembly.

Just send us your old Bowden cable, visit us or use one of our templates in the Download Center.

Please use for the production of repairs or Rebuilt the repair order and send it to us with the defective bowden cables. Years of professional experience in the Bowden cable production, as well as high-quality manufacturing technologies allow us to renew your old Bowden cable.

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Repair Order
Please send us the repair order completely filled in with the defective Bowden cable. You can contact us at Tel: 07423/8752573 (Mr. Reuter) by phone to discuss repair details.

Bowden Cable-Spare parts from the specialist manufacturer

Invented by Ernest Monnington Bowden at the beginning of the last century, the Bowden Cable now meets us in countless variations and fields of application. As a fan of classic bikes, you know that both the brake levers and the throttle handle on your motorcycle transmit your impulses via Bowden cables. If you discover that you need special Bowden cable spare parts as part of a repair, please feel free to contact us: we will help you to repair the damaged Bowden cable.

Contact your Bowden cable manufacturer!

As an experienced Bowden cable manufacturer, we are able to manufacture original replacement parts that are no longer available in the retail business area. However, thanks to our comprehensive stock programme, you can also make the required pieces automatically. Here you will find among other things:

  • Solder and screw nipples
  • Recordings
  • Sleeves, distance sleeves and Ferrules
  • Adjusting screws (also slotted)
  • Deflecting Tubes
  • Brake and lever screws
  • Wire Rope as meter.

Your Bowden cable as a meter

Buy Bowden Cable for your own needs, depending on your desired length. Alternatively, you have the possibility to buy wire rope, solder or screw nipples at RC Reuter GmbH and to construct an individual Bowden cable wire. You can order the matching Bowden cable conduits as well as the pictures, nipples and other parts from us.

The right connection

For the production of genuine spare parts it is often advisable to solder Bowden calbe nipples. However, since these high forces have to withstand, it is important to ensure that the solder nipples as well as the solder joint themselves are of high quality. If you entrust us with the production of such a spare part, we guarantee the same service life that you are expected to expect from a factory-new component.

3D Print

For certain parts and replicas, 3D printing is also worthwhile for spare parts, prototypes or series.

We have invested in the latest 3D printers and software and can offer you this ability to produce parts quickly. With different materials, we can easily print individual parts, spare parts or multiple parts for you. For this we only need your 3D data. Alternatively, there is also the option of having this created using an old part.

Use this offer for your classic car or to create prototypes and series in the industrial sector. As well as parts from the 3D printer that can also be used very well in other areas. You can find out which equipment we use on our page for 3D printing.

Design Braided Sleeves

In addition to our regular Bowden cables, wire ropes and Bowden cable covers, we also offer special design braided hoses.

The braided sleeves are available in different colors from red to blue, green yellow and many more.

Furthermore, metal-colored braided hoses are also available, such as gold, chrome or copper. We also have carbon braided hoses in our range. Our design braided hoses are then available in different thread materials and strengths.

We support you according to your strengths

If you are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us personally: The Arc Reuter GmbH Team has many years of experience in the areas of Bowden cable production and use and is happy to advise you.

Contact us now!